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Clases En Español Disponibles

Clases En Español Disponibles

It all began in 1975, thirty five years ago at Bellflower School --CLB Contractors Licensing School was incepted and was established as a premiere education provider. CLB understood how important it is for service providers to build a reputable name and credibility. This became CLB’ inspiration: help companies and individuals operate with the legal advantage. CLB began offering top-notch training services and mentoring programs to help contractors get the certification needed to provide quality services to individuals and business owners across the country.

Since then, CLB has built a reputation for helping contractors secure their place in the industry as legal, licensed, and credible service providers by helping them pass the California Contractors State License Exam the first time they take it. We guide every student towards the end-to-end process of certification – from training to passing the exams, to license application and processing. While other schools stop there, CLB doesn’t. The school extends its reach up until each contractor builds his own business or firm, and even provides assistance in cases when business owners face challenges in infrastructure and business systems. Our educators and consultants walk clients through the process with an assurance that goals are achieved without difficulty.

CLB has focused its resources and efforts into fostering valuable relationship with current and former students, assisting them whenever they are in need and maintaining ties years after they have graduated. The school is grateful that most of them come back even after they have successfully become licensed professionals. CLB believes that strong ties build great bonds that transcend beyond the classroom. As a result, students come back and provide referrals as well as good testimonies about how the school was able to help them become successful in their fields. As a way to give back to the community, CLB continues to reach out to new generation of contractors – training and providing unwarranted support to each one in their chosen fields of specialty.

To survive an increasingly competitive market with cutthroat competition, the school strives to be better at what it does. It looks for ways to innovate and reinvent itself, to ensure that it is updated with its teaching methods, content, and approach. It employs a team of professionals and educators who stop at nothing to keep the school’s program unmatched with complete and comprehensive curriculum, comprised of Law and Trade Programs, as well as Health & Safety, and Math Review Tutorials. It adheres and complies with trade standards and follows required plans and specifications to ensure that students get the best training and their money’s worth. Best of all, the school refuses to stop until each and every individual enrolled in its program has passed the exam – which is why it offers a Money-Back Guarantee. CLB looks out for its students like a true educator and mentor.

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