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Crash Course (Live Course)

CLB offers a Day Session Crash Course:

Build your conference with our Crash Course for the Law & Business portion of the Contractors State Exam. You can select two of CLB packages. Live Instruction: Our Crash Course is a 5 hours session , 2 of those hours will be spent with a instructor ( one on one) and 3 hours of computer and self-study practice exam Questions similar to the State Board Questions. Our practice exam has over 600 question and answers, so you can have ideal of the type of questions what would be on the State Exam. A pre-Test is given to show your strengths and weakness, so your instructor can provide guidance in the areas you need to pass the State Exam the first time.

Self Study Crash Course

CLB Self Study crash course for the Law & Business or for your Trade is a day session of Practice Exams and Computers study materials of Law and Business Lectures and Trade Lectures, Construction Math, Safety and Health.

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