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A contractor must have an appropriate license before he or she can engage in any trade or contracting business in California. The state has stringent qualifications and requirements for aspiring contractors, so getting a license for a particular classification or specialization is not an easy feat. Applicants must meet the basic qualifications and pass the contractor's license exams if they want to be a licensed contractor. Operating without the necessary license can lead to huge fines that can reach up to $15,000. Aside from the penalty, the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) may also file civil and criminal charges against an erring individual or entity.

Complying with the Basic Qualifications

An applicant must meet all the qualifications and requirements set by the CSLB (http://www.clbcenter.com/). An individual applicant must be at least 18 years of age and have at least 4 years of verifiable journey-level experience. Credit can be given to journeyman, foreman, and other professionals with construction related experience. You may also satisfy a portion of the experience requirement if you are supervising employees, operating a business as an owner-builder, or have completed college or advanced education. The board will schedule you for an examination after your application is pre-approved.

Do I need to Enroll in Contractor's Licensing Schools?

Applying for a contractor's license is a time consuming and complicated process. The approval of your application will also depend on a lot of factors. For example, failure on your part to submit all the requirements may delay the approval of your application. You should also pass the law and trade examinations. Applicants for the General Building Contractor must get at least 72% exam rating to get their state license. This exam covers estimation, plans, and specifications; safety; core trades; framing and structural components; and finish trades.

If you want to avoid delays on the approval of your application and pass the rigid exams, you need to seek the help of professionals. It's best to enroll in contractor's licensing schools in your area to help you get your desired contractor's license. But don't just enroll in a school that offers empty promises. Look for one that has the capability, experience, and excellent training programs. It should offer comprehensive training that covers all aspects of your trade or specialization. Some schools also offer added services such as helping individuals and entities file the necessary requirements with the Contractors State License Board. But if attending formal classes is a hassle on your part, call us at CSLB. We'll teach you how to get a state license the easy way.

Can I Get a Contractor's License without Taking the Exam?

Most applicants still ask if it is possible to get a California contractor's license without taking any exam. The answer is YES. The CSLB may allow an individual or entity to get a license by waiving the examination requirement. But you must seek professional help to take advantage of this option. And the best company you can hire for this task is CSLB. We've already helped a lot of aspiring contractors get their contractor's license without taking the law and trade exams. We've been in the industry for more than 2 decades already, so we know the CLSB’s application procedures, the required documents and certifications, and other vital steps to avail the exam waiver. We will make the process easy for you by using all the options available to your specific specialization.

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