Contractor's License & Business Center is a Contractor
Owned School in Business for Over 30 Years
Formerly Avis Contractors License School

Why CLB?

About Contractors License & Business Center

About Contractors License & Business Center Avis, the founder of Avis Contractor License Center (now Contractors License & Business Center), began in 1975, and has provided affordable and the most reliable programs & services to its students. The main goal, Contractor Licenses. Avis has created a one-stop Licensing & Business Center for qualified people to get in to business & stay in business.

Our Missions Statement.

CLB Contractors License School provides the professional services need to start, protect and build a successful contractor business. All under one roof.

Proven Track Record

CLB Contractors License is one of the most trusted licensing schools who have helped corporations and individuals obtain their specialty and contractor licenses. Over the years, we have earned a reputation for quality and efficacy of teaching methods in compliance with US governing agencies. We are in constant pursuit of improvements, making sure that our processes, our teaching methods, and our curriculum are comprehensive and current.

High Passing Rate

We have helped thousands of individuals and companies become full-fledged, certified professionals. We guarantee that each student who takes our courses will pass their contractors certification exams the first time! Our high passing rate of 98% proves that our methods are effective and our literature easy to comprehend and digest. No wonder CLB is the first choice of many and counting…

Personal Approach

Unlike other schools holding a classroom-full of students at any given lecture, CLB acknowledges the importance of a one-on-one interaction in the development and success of the student taking a certification course. CLB gauges each individual’s capability, goals, and requirement before providing a suitable teaching method, style, and pace to ensure that topics are perfectly understood and applied.

Home Study Kits

Receive thorough training and assistance at your available schedule. Our home study kits provide you with all necessary information and assistance you need to pass licensure exams the first time, at your convenience.

Application Processing

We guide first-time applicants in completing their state applications resulting in a seamless license processing without delays. Our end-to-end approach consist of application typing/encoding, requirements completion and submission which guarantees you a test date at the soonest time possible.

Updated Practice Exams and Resources

Expect to receive up-to-date information and practice test questions. While other licensing schools provide the same old recycled questions, we are focused in providing you with the most recent and updated questionnaire that lead you to a passing score. Our dedicated team of researchers keeps up with the changing pace and nature of applications license processing, making sure that you fulfill requirements precisely for successful results.

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